What’s Your Blood Pressure?

What’s Your Blood Pressure?

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

I just wanted to send an update on the Coronavirus, since there seems to be some misinformation about it.

Coronaviruses refers to a large group of viruses that can cause different types of illnesses,

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Relaxation Breathing

In our modern society and with our fast-paced lifestyles, high stress levels has become the norm.  High stress levels are a silent and stealthy underlying cause for just about every

How Much Fibre Do I Need?


In this article, I wanted to briefly discuss the importance of fibre.  Fibre is such an essential part of your overall health, yet I find it to be such an underrated part of our diets.  Dietary fibre can be categorized as

The “Feel Good” Vitamin

Feeling down?
                           Tired all the time?

Top 7 Reasons To Try A Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet (aka Paleolithic Diet; Caveman Diet; Hunter-Gatherer Diet) has been gaining popularity in recent years.  This diet is a return to our ancestral diet and tries to match the way humans ate thousands of years ago.  Since humans evolved while eating this way,

My Doctor Said My Lab Tests Are Normal…


Lab tests are useful objective markers that help clinicians make informed decisions.  However, I look at your test results from a different point of view than your doctor.  When your doctor looks at your test results from an “acute care” point of view, they are mainly concerned with

Chronic Inflammation: A Key Cause of Disease


As a naturopathic doctor, my goal is not to simply treat your symptoms; but rather, I’m more concerned about treating the underlying causes of your symptoms.  One of the most overlooked ‘underlying causes’ is also one that is involved in almost every type of chronic disease.  I’m talking

Recharge Your Adrenals!


Have you been feeling fatigued?  Foggy-headed?  Do you wake up feeling tired and desperately run to your coffee machine in the hopes of boosting your energy and focus?  Persistent fatigue is not normal; in fact, your body is likely screaming at you that things are out of balance.