Is Coconut Oil Good Or Bad For You?

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of attention recently. Many people are singing the praises of coconut oil’s beneficial effects for their skin and it’s also a cooking oil that resists oxidation at higher heat. Many are also touting the

Saturated Fats And Cardiovascular Disease

What’s All The Fuss About Saturated Fats?

It would

Do You Have A Gluten Sensitivity?

What is IV Therapy?

Last week we discussed why it can be very important to test for nutrient deficiencies.  First, they are much more common than we might think, especially given the poorer nutritional content of most of our foods (even those that are seemingly “healthy”).  Second, many people may not be deficient, but

Get Your Nutrient Levels Tested.

By: Dr. Michael Morsillo, H.B.Sc., N.D.

So last week we discussed different types of nutrients and how important it is to maintain balanced and adequate levels of these nutrients.  I also listed several different ways in which we can develop nutrient depletions over time.  You can click

Are Your Nutrient Levels Low?

By: Dr. Michael Morsillo, Naturopathic Doctor

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!  Weekends are always a great time to spend more time with family and have a little more fun.  However, weekends are times when we are more prone to overeating, having foods we might not typically

What is Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth?

By: Dr. Michael Morsillo, Naturopathic Doctor

It’s amazing to think about just how important bacteria are to our overall health.  We’re often fearful of bacteria because we’ve often associated these with a variety of infectious diseases. However, it’s important to realize that there are many more bacteria that are actually helping

What you need to know about food sensitivities…

By: Dr. Michael Morsillo, H.B.Sc., N.D.

A lot of us pay close attention to what we’re eating, and we spend a great deal of time and effort to make sure we’re following a healthy diet.  But what if there are some foods, even those that are seemingly “healthy”, that are affecting

Is Low Blood Sugar Affecting Your Health?

By: Dr. Michael Morsillo, H.B.Sc., N.D.

I always discuss diet with my patients because I think this is the foundation upon which your health stands.  When discussing diet, one of the things I’m always paying attention to is whether their diet is sufficiently controlling their blood sugar levels.

Most patients are very

Reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s with this…

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is quickly becoming more prevalent and more problematic for our healthcare system.  It is currently the 6th leading cause of death and one out of every three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

There are two things that frighten me the most when it comes to Alzheimer’s