Why Do I Feel So Tired?

By: Dr. Michael Morsillo, B.Sc., N.D.

If you experience mental or physical fatigue, I urge you to read on.  I am typically seeing patients who have multiple concerns, one of which will almost always be “fatigue” or “low energy”.  Many have tried every supplement under the sun that claims to boost energy levels to no avail.  Others will throw in the towel because they are convinced this is a normal part of the aging process.  There are a few simple truths when it comes to fatigue, so I’ll share these right away.

Fatigue is not simply a result of aging and I encourage you to never accept any less than an amazing sense of vitality and energy no matter how young or old you are.  Energy is also not something that is found in a pill.  Although many supplements claim to boost energy, vigor, and vitality, most will be unsuccessful or only provide a temporary benefit if the cause of fatigue is never addressed.

There are many underlying causes of fatigue.  If you routinely feel tired and sluggish, this is a sign that your cellular function and physiology is sub-optimal.  There are multiple factors that contribute to fatigue and it is always best to seek guidance from your Naturopathic Doctor to uncover these root causes and help you feel better.  I will briefly outline a few of the causes of fatigue:

Hormonal Factors

Our hormones are messengers sent on behalf of the brain to give instructions to the rest of the body.  If important hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA decline, energy levels will plummet as a result.  Another important hormone to consider is cortisol.  This hormone is released from the adrenal glands in response to stress; however, chronic adrenal activation eventually diminishes these cortisol levels, resulting in immense fatigue and lethargy.  We can test all of these hormones in our Newmarket Naturopathic clinic using specialized salivary hormone tests, allowing us to accurately pinpoint any hormonal imbalances.

Sleep Issues

Making sure to get a restful night’s sleep is crucial for tissue regeneration, hormonal balance, and restoring energy levels.  If you are having trouble falling or staying asleep for any reason, this can also be investigated and corrected with Naturopathic Medicine.  Specialized lab tests can be performed to detect neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances that can lead to sleep difficulties.  Acupuncture often benefits those with sleep difficulties as it helps to balance hormones and neurotransmitter levels, reduces stress, relaxes the mind and body, and therefore, promotes alertness and increased energy throughout the day. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I often use acupuncture to address all of these concerns.

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Our diet plays the most important role in determining our energy levels.  Our diet must be full of nutrient-dense foods to avoid nutritional deficiencies that lead to extreme fatigue.  We all know that iron deficiency will lead to anemia and fatigue, but this can also be caused by many other nutrient deficiencies (Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, etc).  One of the best treatments for immediate nutrient replenishment and a quick energy boost will be our intravenous (IV) vitamin & mineral infusions.  IV nutrient therapy is offered at our Newmarket Naturopathic Clinic, which is fantastic for improving energy levels.  Another great way to replenish nutrients on a daily basis is to incorporate fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-dense superfoods into a freshly made juice. 

Michael Morsillo is a naturopathic doctor who is passionate about helping others achieve their optimal level of health.  Michael maintains a clinical practice in Newmarket, where he focuses mainly on cancer, anxiety, depression, hormone concerns, detoxification, and weight loss.   

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